27.03.2023 Robert Kukla with “outstanding fiscal results in 2022”

Munich-based intermodal and shortsea logistics provider Robert Kukla closes its 2022 financial year with a substantial 22 percent increase in turnover. “In particular, the expansion of the network via associated companies with the development of our own logistics products contributed to this above average success,” sums up Kukla CEO Knut Sander. For 2023, he again expects organic growth of around 20 per cent.

With its eleven affiliated companies and the headquarters in Munich, Robert Kukla achieved a turnover of EUR 248.7 million last year with 180,000 transported units.
This represents an improvement of 22 percent over the previous year.

For the current year, Sander again expects growth of about 20 per cent. The existing customer business is the main contributor to this. “The larger network brings new opportunities for our customers, especially in the intermodal sector, synergies arise,” Sander concretises, adding, “with shippers, whom we strongly supported during the time of acute supply chain problems, we experience higher appreciation and retention than before the Corona pandemic.”

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© Photo Credit: Guido Kollmeier / ShortSeaShipping Days 2022

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